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A Personalized Affair

Posted by Michelle on 2/28/2014

When it’s party time and you’re the hostess, you want to make everything special, and you want everything to show your special creative touches.  Anyone can go out and purchase party supplies and decor, but it takes creativity, flair and a desire to go beyond “adequate” to host a party the way you like to do it.  If you have a few paint pens and some time, you can add some flair that will go a long way toward making your party extra special and reflect your own personal touches, like only you do so well.

Balloons always add an air of fun and celebration to any event, no matter the size or occasion.  And you can go a long way in decorating using balloons by making some balloon arrangements comprised of both large and standard sized balloons, but did you know that you can use paint pens to write on balloons?  Whether they are latex or mylar, paint pens work really well at adhering to both types of balloons, and when it’s the latex variety, it’s a good idea to fully inflate the balloon before you write or draw on it.  You can make thin letters, or you can make really bold’s up to you!  You don’t have to worry about finding balloons that say just the right thing for your occasion when you can write it yourself.  If you’re not so good with penmanship, get someone who is to help you prepare the balloons.  You’ll make it an occasion that is far more memorable by inscribing your own sentiment on the balloons.

And while you’ve got your paint pens out, you can use them on clear plastic...from cups to centerpieces...whatever surfaces you have to work with, whether porous or non-porous.  Paint pens work on everything.  You can choose a simple design and carry it throughout the beverage cups, centerpieces, balloons and anything else.  If you are using plastic flatware, by all means, decorate the handles with the same design.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or look like something Rembrandt painted; it can be comprised of a few colorful swirls or a whimsical smiley face with some special details..but the point is, your guests will be entertained more by the fact that you decorated yourself, with your own special paint pen effects.  Allow a little time to dry before handling...

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