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Cupcakes- the secret to making any event successful

Posted by Michelle on 2/13/2014
Cupcakes normally sound boring and mundane but they've undergone major transformation in the recent years and they're now finding a place even on glamorous adult tables and in high profile events. With the gourmet flavor combinations and high-end decorations available in cupcakes today, they can easily make any event successful.

Why cupcakes?

More brides today prefer to opt for elaborate cupcake displays for their wedding instead of the traditional cake. Cupcakes offer more variety to the guests and make them easily accessible. Cupcakes also offer an incredible variety of flavors. Some of the gourmet cupcakes are made with high quality, premium ingredients like Madagascar Vanilla and Dutch chocolate. They can also be easily modified to accommodate guests with food allergies. Bakeries provide dairy free, vegan options quite easily today.

For your next party or event, look for a local bakery that offers you gourmet cupcake options. Many bakeries have signature flavors and even use seasonal, local ingredients. A few delicious, unique options you may want to consider are pumpkin spice, candy cane, banana and orange. The possibilities when it comes to flavor are endless with cupcakes.

Gorgeous decorations

A major reason why cupcakes prove to be a great option for any event is because of their visual appeal. For a cute look, cupcakes in pretty pink frosting and adorable toppings like kisses are perfect. If you're looking for something more upscale and sophisticated, pick lacey designs and pale gold cupcake decorations. It will attract the attention of guests while making a solid visual impact that a traditional cake can't.
Cupcakes are also very cost-effective. In fact, they cost up to 50% less than cakes. They're also easier to transport and offer room for gorgeous, creative decorations that will match your event's theme easily.

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