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Tips on How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Date Memorable

Posted by Michelle on 2/7/2014
Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to be extra mushy, play old love songs and tap into your sensitive side. This is also a great opportunity to shower your partner or loved one with the usual trimmings associated with this red-letter day. And the best part is that planning that near-perfect Valentine’s Day dinner is not expensive and exhausting. Just into your creative side and shop for the right Valentines accents and decorations and you can transform a simple dinner date into a memorable Valentine’s Day dinner date! Here are some of the best ideas that you can try out if you want to impress on this day.

Set Up the Dinner Table

Choose a relaxing and convenient location inside your property and start preparing the dinner table. Once the location has been identified, then that’s the perfect time to start thinking about the theme for the table. You can mix and match shades of pink and red to come up with a romantic ambiance. To heighten the romantic mood, you can throw in a few flowers like roses and carnations on the table. Don’t forget to prepare a bouquet of roses for her. Take out your best table runners, place mats and the best china from your collection.

Add Valentines’-Themed Party Items

Don’t forget to add a few romantic details into the area. You can also shop for heart-shaped balloons in red and pink colors. You can complete the details on the table by looking for other table items that are designed in red and for Valentines including party cups, polka dots balloons, ice cream cups and even pink and mix doilies.

Pay Attention to Your Lighting

A romantic evening can be delivered by a good selection of lighting. You can’t go wrong with candlelight placed in the center of the table. Add character into the table by using different sizes of pillar candles, and these should be clustered near your flowers. Votive and lamps can be scattered into the area for added effect.

These are just some of the ideas that you can try out when preparing the dinner table in time for your Valentine’s Day dinner date. Just throw in some of the popular Valentines elements and you can set the tone for a memorable night.

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 Tips on How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Date Memorable

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