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Unique Ideas for Party Favors

Posted by Michelle on 3/14/2014
Depending on the occasion or event, hosting a party often comes with the expectation of a gift bag or party favor.  Do not let this stress you out or make you feel overwhelmed.  There are many creative options that are affordable and will leave your guests feeling pleased and pampered.  The following are just a few ideas for party favors to keep in mind for the next event that you host. 

Baked Goods

Treat your guests to some homemade fudge, chocolate chip cookies, or biscotti.  Get creative with your packaging methods.  You can wrap the goods in some unique printed cloth and tie them with bakers twine.  You can also use unique paper boxes to package up your edible gift. 

Handmade Candles

Edible goodies are not the only kinds of treats that people enjoy receiving.  Take the time and effort to make something unique but useful for your guests.  Handmade candles are relatively easy to make and are a thoughtful party favor choice.  You can use mason jars as the glass portion of the candle, resulting in unique vintage appeal. 

Gourmet Candy

Think beyond the typical and basic candy brands that you see everyday.  Compile an assortment of gourmet, unique candies as a treat for your party guests.  There are a variety of unique ways to package the candy and present it your friends and families.  You can use party favor bags, our paper berry baskets, or mason jars to attractively package your favorite candy to splurge on. 
Keep these unique favor options in mind the next time that you are hosting a party.  Steer clear of the traditional, often boring options and get creative.  Your guests will appreciate your effort and enjoy the treats that you have provided.  Consider using some of these unique packaging ideas to create an attractive gift for your guests.  

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