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The Sugar Confetti Shop - Product Index
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Chevron Party Cups - Green
Chevron Party Cups - Hot Pink
Chevron Party Cups - Pastels
Chevron Party Cups - Pink
Chevron Party Cups - Red
Chevron Party Cups - Yellow
Chevron Pastels Cupcake Wrappers
Chevron Pastels Dessert Plates
Chevron Pastels Large Round Plates
Chevron Pink Cupcake Wrappers
Chevron Pink Dessert Plates
Chevron Pink Large Round Plates
Chevron Red Cupcake Wrappers
Chevron Red Dessert Plates
Chevron Red Large Round Plates
Chevron Stand Up Snack Bags - Lipstick
Chevron Stand Up Snack Bags - Powder Blue
Chevron Stand Up Snack Bags - Soft Berry
Chevron Stand Up Snack Bags - Yellow
Chevron Stand-Up Snack Bags - Lime
Chevron Yellow Cupcake Wrappers
Chevron Yellow Dessert Plates
Chevron Yellow Large Round Plates
Christmas At Our House Cocktail Napkin
Christmas At Our House Plates
Classic Party Confetti Single Serving / Party Confetti
Classic Striped Forks
Classic Striped Spoons
Clear Plastic Cups with Lids- Set of 12
Clink & Drink Cups
Coastal Boat Cocktail Napkin
Coastal Plate
Colorful Confetti Wands
Confetti - Poppy
Confetti Balloons - Poppy
Confetti Birthday Forks
Confetti Birthday Spoons
Confetti Dot Glass Milk Bottles
Confetti Dot Ice Cream Spoons
Confetti Dot Napkins
Confetti Dot Paper Cups
Confetti Dot Paper Plates
Confetti Dot Treat Bags
Confetti Filled Balloon - Honey-Suckle
Confetti Filled Balloons - Blushing
Confetti Filled Balloons - Bright
Confetti Filled Balloons - Candy Shoppe
Confetti Filled Balloons - Golden
Confetti Filled Balloons - Modern
Confetti Filled Balloons - Natural
Confetti Filled Balloons - Pomme
Confetti Filled Balloons - Poolside
Confetti Filled Balloons - Preppy
Confetti Filled Balloons - Sterling
Confetti Filled Balloons -Tuxedo
Confetti Food Toppers
Confetti Fountain - Multi colors
Confetti Pocket
Confetti Small Napkins
Confetti Triangle Napkins
Confetti Triangles Party Cups
Confetti Triangles Party Hats
Confetti Triangles Party Plates
Confetti Tubes
Congrats Balloon Kit-Gold
Congrats! Gold Glitter Banner
Coral Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers
Crystal Cake Stand
Crystal Christmas Large Napkins
Crystal Christmas Large Plates
Cutlery Dinner Napkins
Cutlery Dinner Napkins - White
Daisy Chain Napkins
Daisy Chain Paper Cups - Blue
Daisy Chain Paper Cups - Pink
Daisy Chain Paper Plates - Blue
Daisy Chain Paper Plates - Pink
Dark Blue Fanburst
Dark Blue Honeycomb Fan
Dark Blue Tissue Ball
$2.95 - 6.95
Disposable Plastic Cups with Jade Lace Print
Disposable Plastic Cups with Pink Lace Print
DIY Confetti Balloons: Multicolor
DIY Confetti Balloons-White/Metallic
Dots Favor Bags - Coral
Dots Favor Bags - Mint
Dots Little Bitty Bags - Gold
Dots Little Bitty Bags - Kraft
Dots Middy Bags - Purple
Dots Middy Bags - Aqua
Dots Middy Bags - Black
Dots Middy Bags - Green
Dots Middy Bags - Hot Pink
Dots Middy Bags - Red
Dots Middy Bags - Yellow
Dots Middy Kraft Bags - Red
Dots Stand Up Snack Bags - Lip Stick
Dots Stand Up Snack Bags - Powder Blue
Dots Stand Up Snack Bags - Soft Berry
Dots Stand Up Snack Bags - Yellow
Dots Stand-Up Snack Bags - Lime
Dusty Rose Fanburst
Dusty Rose Honeycomb Fan
EAT CAKE Balloons
Eat Drink & Be Married!
Elegant Gold Floral Food Flags
Elizabeth Square Cake Stand
Elizabeth Square Cake Stand-Blue
Elizabeth Square Cake Stand-Pink
Fairy Magic Tablecloth
Fancy Party Fans
Fancy Tassel Banner
Fantastic Paper Banner
Favor Bags - Lemon, Retro Flower or Watermelon Print!
Flamingo Frosted Cups - 25
Floral Fiesta Canape Food Toppers
Floral Fiesta Plates
Floral Fiesta Tablecloth
Floral Forks, Knives and Spoons
Floral Patchwork Napkins
Flower Bouquet Cupcake Kit
Flower Fairies Party Hats
Flower Shaped Paper Plates with Lemon Print
Flower Shaped Plates with Retro Flower Print
Foiled Doughnut Napkins
Foiled Doughnut Plates
Foiled Kraft Placemats
French Square Plastic Bottles
Frills and Frosting Cake Stand
Frills and Frosting Doilies
FUN Clear Lime Green Script Balloon
Funky Monkey Birthday Banner
Funky Monkey Hats
Funky Monkey Tails
Funky Monkey Treat Bags
Fushia Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers
Giant 36 Inch Heart Shaped Balloon - Light Pink
Giant 36 Inch Heart Shaped Balloon - Red
Giant 36 Inch Heart Shaped Balloon - Rose Pink
Giant 36 Inch Heart Shaped Balloon - White
Gift Certificate
Give Me Your Number Toppers - Gold Glitter
Glass Glitter Happy Birthday Garland
Glassine Treat Bags - Cheers
Glassine Treat Bags - Enjoy
Glassine Treat Bags - Gold Hearts
Glassine Treat Bags - Make a Wish
Glassine Treat Bags - Silver Heart
Glassine Treat Bags - XOXO
Glitter Monogram Letters-Silver
Glitter Tape - Aqua
Glitter Tape - Cherry
Glitter Tape - Grape
Glitter Tape - Marine
Glitter Tape - Parfait
Glitter Tape - Plum
Glitter Tape - Powder
Glitter Tape - Spinach
Glitter Tape - White
Gold & Red Stripes Forks
Gold & Red Stripes Spoons
Gold Foil Mini Banner - Circles
Gold Foil Mini Pennant Banner
Gold Foil Shamrock Frosted Cups
Gold Foil Shamrock Guest/Dinner Napkin
Gold Foil Shamrock Lunch Napkin
Gold Glitter Letter Garland Kit
Gold Glitter Mini Pennant Banner
Gold Happy Birthday Garland
Gold Heart Hot/Cold Cups
Gold Mylar Letter Balloons-LOVE
Good Times! Foil Cocktail Party
Goodie Bags-Chocolate Brown
Goodie Bags-Navy
Goodie Bags-Sage/Cream
Halloween Cupcake Toppers
Halloween Ghost Napkins
Halloween Loot Bags
Halloween Skull Paper Plate
Hand-dipped Ombré Beeswax Candles
Happy Birthday Balloon Kit-Gold
Happy Birthday Balloon Kit-Silver
Happy Birthday Banner
Happy Birthday Cake Topper
Happy Birthday Cup
Happy Birthday Frosted Cups
Happy Birthday Gold Glitter Banner
Happy Birthday Large Napkin
Happy Birthday Large Plates
Happy Birthday Paper Banner
Happy Birthday Small Napkin
Happy Birthday Small Plates
Happy Birthday Tablecloth - Pink
Happy Birthday Utensils
Happy Little Farm Cake Stand
Happy Little Farm Centerpiece
Happy Little Farm Cupcake Kit
Happy Little Farm Garland
Happy Little Farm Invites/Thank Yous
Happy Little Farm Party Bags
Happy Little Farm Party Cups
Happy Little Farm Small Napkins
Happy Little Farm Tablecloth
Happy Thanksgiving Forks
Happy Thanksgiving Spoons
Heart Drink Stirrers
Heart Stir Sticks
Heart Treat Topper - Gold Glitter
Heart Treat Toppers - Poppy
Hip Hip Hooray Ice Cream Spoons
Holiday Tree Cupcake Toppers
Holiday Wishes Forks
Holly Jolly Drink Stirrers
Honeycombs with Glitter Tops
Hooray Balloons
Hooray! It's Your Birthday Foil Cocktail Party
Hot Pink Dots & Stripes Forks
Hot Pink Dots & Stripes Spoons
Hugs & Kisses Cupcake Kit
Ice Cream Cups
Ice Cream Cups-Aqua Stripes
Ice Cream Cups-Pastel Dots
Ice Cream Cups-Pastel Stripe
Ice Cream Cups-Pink Dot
Ice Cream Spoons
I'm a Princess Candy/Ice Cream Cups
Ivory Fanburst
Ivory Honeycomb Fan
Jazzy Star Large Plates
Jazzy Star Party Cups
Jazzy Star Small napkin
Jingle all the Way Cupcake Kit
Jingle all the Way Straws
Jolly Merry Cocktail Napkin
Jolly Merry Cups
Jolly Merry Small Plates
Jumbo Confetti Balloon: Assorted
Jumbo Confetti Balloon-Metallic
Kiwi Birthday Candles
Kiwi Lime Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers
Kraft Confetti
Kraft Party Cups
Kraft Party Plates - Large
Kraft Party Plates - Small
Kraft Scallop Edge Guest Napkin
Kraft Scallop Edge Large Napkins
Kraft Scallop Edge Small Napkins
Kraft Star Cup
Kraft Star Large Napkin
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